Wednesday, September 29, 2010

welcome to the dojo!!!

one of the baddest men to ever fight onscreen, sonny chiba.

what's happening good people? for those that know
me personally, i am an avid fan of martial arts
movies. it's been that way ever since i got a
chance to watch 'The Big Boss(Fist of Fury)at the
age of nine. the uncensored version at that. my
love for chop-socky flicks only grew as the grand
masterpieces of Shaw Brothers movies became the
climax of my Saturday afternoons growing up.

(c'mon...i HAD to take you there. props to TAPTHAT)

things haven't changed much. i still love these
movies with a passion and i've found out in the
most emphatic way that i'm not the only one. so
this blog is going to be part journey down memory
lane and part film lesson. but don't be shy, please
feel free to share your thoughts and favorite
movies as well! sit back and enjoy!!!

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