Friday, October 17, 2014

Sprucing Up The Dojo Fall 2014

"Hai! Karate News Update?!! Hai! Karate News Update."

What goes on Hai!Karate fans? This is just a bit of a change of pace post, as we spruce up the old dojo and get set for the rest of the year. There's been some big news that has taken place and upcoming stuff we want to prepare you for, so cop a squat and read on...

1)The Shaw Brothers Library Lives On!!!

For those of you who have cable(so far it's Time Warner although there may be other carriers to come), you undoubtedly have been treated to some fine programming thanks to the new TV network by the famed director Robert Rodriguez, El Rey. El Rey has basically won the hearts of many by having access to the remastered Shaw Brothers library! Yes, that's right. That means a ton of the flicks you might have come up with and others you haven't seen are back on your TV screen. There's been a few that we've covered on this blog that have now aired in all their fast=paced & bloody glory already. Yes, El Rey is airing these films uncut to preserve the director's artistic vision. No quick jump edits here. Look out for their double features on Thursday nights as well as special Saturday showings and during the week. In addition to that, you can also get these movies from Shaw Brothers and Celestial on iTunes! Go cop them at There's close to 50 of them available with more on the way including favorites like King Boxer!!

(Photo Credit: Celestial Pictures Limited)

2)Expect more coverage of films from Japan, Korea as well as breakdowns of films known, not so known...and possibly better left alone.

Yeah, we're only getting started here at Hai!Karate. To that end, we're going to have some down periods here and there only because there's a TON of movies and research that go into these posts. We want your visit to the dojo to be informative and fun. And for you to check these flicks out...or not. Let's face it, this is a genre where there are some serious stinkers for every highly regarded project. So we're going to cover the chambara. We'll get into a Korean flick here and there. Even the oddities aren't safe. So make sure you keep coming back here and to check us out with the sensei, MASTERNEVER as well.

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