Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Angry Guest (Nyn Haak, 1972)

Okay folks, the next flick up for review here on Hai!Karate is 'The Angry Guest', featuring the star tandem of Ti Lung and David Chiang reprising their roles in the sequel to 'Duel of Fists'. Call it bowing to the success at the Hong Kong box office, or the Shaw Studios' penchant for churning out movies at a high rate in a year, but it's remarkable that they had these two films released so close together.

'The Angry Guest' gives you a quick recap of the first film in the opening credit montage. Fan Ke(Chiang) and Wen Lieh (Lung), having reunited, are back in Hong Kong with Fan Ke back at his construction site and Wen Lieh teaching at the school. Qianreng, or the big boss Giant who was vanquished at the end of 'Duel Of Fists', is in a Thai prison but escapes. He does so and is informed that HIS boss in Tokyo wants the brothers to join his organization and that they're going to kidnap Wen Lien's girlfriend(Ching Li) to force their hand. Qianreng seeks his own revenge, and the brothers soon find themselves caught up in drama that takes them from Hong Kong to Tokyo and back again until the final showdown.

Chang Cheh this time around basically makes this a film that delivers on action and more action. But he does so with a plot that almost goes all over the place and stays there. Don't be surprised if you find yourself lost watching this. You also have to suspend some belief watching this; I still don't understand how a man with a ginormous steel cane is popping in and murking folks and GETTING AWAY clean like he was Jesse Owens. Plus, Chang Cheh himself fills in as the big baddie in Tokyo. Right down to the rotting teeth in his mug. Seriously, you'll see that mess for yourself. That said, there's a lot to enjoy in 'The Angry Guest'. Ti Lung and David Chiang are at their charismatic & ass- kicking high here. This film also marks the first time Japanese martial artist star Yakasaki Kurata would work with the Shaw Brothers, here playing a conniving villain. You also get to see Bolo Yeung in a prominent role here, still swole up but with a low cut. As usual with a Chang Cheh picture, romance isn't a factor so Ching Li and Fong Yan-Ji who plays Akiko, the Japanese judo fighter and love interest(sort of) of Fan Ke don't factor too much except for an unfortunate scene near the end of the flick. All in all, 'The Angry Guest' is a brisk sequel, one that fits in with its predecessor even if it takes time to follow along.

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